Wednesday, December 9, 2015

I'll live the life you gram about.

I live the most charming life. Downtown, in historic apartments. I eat foreign food that can be mistaken for art everyday because of my laziness to cook, I have good-looking friends in my life that love to party and play. I place myself in awekward/adventurous situations almost on a daily basis. I drive a beautiful Rav4 and an amazing Honda trail 90, I own chandlers and do yoga in a historic building downtown.

If I wanted to be 'super cool' on my instagram I could do an alright job. This is something I do not question.

So when it is brought to my attention that popular instagramer with 62K followers post this picture I go a bit crazy. . . .

That's my bike.
My little bike that I bought for a meir $700 and sat there in the warm summer nights after summer nights with Adam fixing it. The rides into the sunset down south temple are a feeling that I could never describe if I wanted to. She is mine, I bought her with perfect timing of the Macklemore "downtown" song coming out, and I wear fabulous fur as I drive. A little dream of mine brought to my reality.


So when I find that without permission she plays on it, and posts this picture of her, like it is her adventure mobile, like it is her reality, it makes me crazy.
And now topping off at 3,328 likes. She is advertising my little bit of magic as her own, and 62K followers are buying into her staged "reality".

Then I click over to her blog to find that it wasn't one photo but a spread, and I hate that they were all over it. And not only that, This is them on my front door step, just stealing my life. .
(Do they just find cool apartment complexes and pretend they live there?)

 I just don't know what these picture are capturing, When you look back on the picture you can't say "Oh remember the fun summer we had on that bike" or "OH! This is the place we lived in when we first got married"

Is it a fashion spread type thing? She wrote "Where did the sun go? I am in need of some rays asap! At least I can finally start putting together outfits with layers."

Weird, mostly because my bike had been in the garage for weeks now, and she took these pictures at least a month ago, and was acting like it was today. . .

I don't get it, I'll never get it. .  Today on her blog was her on a stair case with 18 different pictures on the stairs. . .  18. . . . 18 pictures within a 3 foot radius. 18
18 pictures.
I guess she is showing off her new lady suit? eh? I guess you need 18 pictures to grab the emotion of what she is saying???  It is so weird. Whatever.
I'm just glad she will forever have those pictures to be able to look back and say "Oh man, remember when I wore that suit?" I just don't want her to forget that day, and that suit.

She has no idea the magic those stairs hold, I fell down those stairs once and laid at the bottom trying not to draw any attention to myself. Going up those stairs always meant a good night. She has no idea.

She ended up giving me bike credit/shout out after a mutual friend of mine and hers called her out.
And I did delete my three impulsive comments and replace it with a nice one because I am not a monster.

 I think I will forever be bothered with pretentious social media, and is just going to get worse and worse.
And I feel bad for all 62K idiots that are buying into this. . remember- you are more of a vibrant soul and electric light then this phony is, and you don't need to prove it, it shines on your face how awesome your life is.

Along the same lines, enjoy this. . .

"Taking a picture of all your stuff??? yeah, thats a good moment."
(Some people get it)


Whitney said...


Whitney said...

Read this post, it explains beautifully what this lady has done....

RaVoe said...

Are you kidding me! I am SO bugged right now! Miss fake life was on your Honda!! I'm SO mad about this! Humans are the worst!!!

Derik Flanary said...

Good stuff!

Julianne Beecher said...

Ew, so annoying. Get off that bike!

Willy Eklof said...


Josh Gricius said...

So good!

Josh Gricius said...

So good!

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