Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Platinum 666

I will never understand the world of owning a big deesle truck. 

But when asked to skip out on work for a day and take some pictures of a the big ugly truck I am more then happy to spend a day in the thing especially if I’m not the one paying for gas.
I knew Casey would appreciate the truck a lot more then I would. So we asked him to come and drive it, I don’t know how to describe his excitement. 
He said later he felt that nervousness of right before you go on a first date, before the truck arrived. 
He almost started crying he was so happy. 
(Andie tagged along too, she didn’t have work and wanted to watch Casey google over the beast)

We loaded up and left for the salt flats at 4am to catch the sunrise, letting Cassey drive the entire way. 
He would just be driving and for no reason just start laughing, or yelling “YES!!!!”
It was so damn cute. 

Sunrise was incredible. Completely breathtaking. 
We all stood in awe as the colors changed and the light grew. 
Then it was just playing with the truck. Flooring it as fast as we could, blowing black smoke all over the white salt flats. Cranking the country music and watching Casey feel invincible. 

This is a Platinum 666 –six doors, six wheels, six something else that is ‘cool’
It was build for a man they call 'The Mussel’ and as we did the math we figure that truck must have coast 150,000 to build. (And that is not really knowing numbers on what they did to the motor)
It is the biggest truck you will ever see. And it gets a wonderful 7 miles to the gallon. 

This is what Andie looked like the entire time. . . . that girl has issues.

After we came home made some breakfast burritos and crashed. 
Casey and Andie slept while Adam and I cleaned off all the salt and got it ready to take back out again.

This is no joke, Casey smiling in his sleep. . . 

Took more pictures down by the refineries.
Interrior pictures, it was a joke to be in that neck of the woods, where men who are obsessed with trucks live, seeing grown men turn into five year olds and get so excited about the truck as we covered them in smoke. 

One highlight was stopping by Mason’s work at Atlas and giving all of his boys a ride, to fill that truck full of grubby men with Mason’s smiley face in the back seat was hilarious. 

Mason said we changed their lives.

Monday, November 9, 2015

And then a hero comes along. . .

Rav got her window busted and my purse was stolen off the floor. 
I know this is my own fault for leaving the purse in plain site. 
And yes, this is the second time this has happened to me.

But the joke is on them because the only thing I carry in that purse is garbage. Thats why I left it in the car.

But just like a little modern day hero Adam hears about the tragedy and goes to a junkyard to get a window, and installs it himself by the end of the day. He is a wonderful human. The best kind to hang around. 

(It is kinda great to get parts for your car at the junk yard, Adam promises he will take me there one day. It's like the old cars checked the "YES" box on the donor card and now a little piece of them will do on living. Rav and I are both very grateful for their sacrifice)



I have written five blog post and not finished them to post them. I blame my new memory foam matriss top. 
I can't get out of bed, I love being in bed so much. 

I never blogged about Halloween, mostly because it was shear chaos. 
It is quite overwhelming to be in charge of a party for 200+ people. 

My Job is so amazing, I still can’t believe that this is what I get paid to do, and doing it all with Drew is so stressful much fun. 
We rocked it, we made national news with our party. Thats extremely flattering. 

We blacked out all the windows and made a canibal buffet table, that we added breakfast to, then Chilli for lunch.
It looked so morbidly romantic. . . . 

 Then covered the entire three floors in decorations .. .
(Not pictured, the coffins, the cats, the witch, the headless lady and the millions and millions of spider webs in the client service area area) And the pictures don't even do it all justice. It was quite amazing.
So glad for the friends and family who came to help.

 And then this picture will mean nothing to any of you, but truest me, it is so funny. We all dressed up as our sales guys, then acted like tools all day. I was Tyler Spendlove and I nailed it, I'd been watching the way he moves for weeks.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Werewolf Fall Collection 2015

More on Halloween, it was a big week for me.
But first, this. .. .

Drew has these wild ideas and then we go to the theater, we watch America’s Next Top model, and together we create (what we think) are wild and fun pictures. 

This Halloween the was werewolf, in a Vogue spread type style. . 

The first Picture was Drew’s . . 
Erica had an apartment across the hallway from hers that we heard was being renovated, perfect spot to shoot a trashed kitchen. 
Drew and I went over to check it out and ran into the Land Lord. 
“We heard that there is an empty apartment on the top floor that we were hoping to look at” (This guy maybe thinks we are married who knows?)
“Well, you are going to have to use a lot of imagination if you want to see it, it needs a lot of work”

He leads us up to a trashed terrible, very very smelly apartment. It is missing a toilet and the smell coming from the toilet hole was bad. 
Drew’s face lights up!
“Wow this is great!”
“It won’t be ready for at least six months. . . When would you be looking to move in?”
“well. . . . . We really love the avenues and so we are just looking to stay around the area, I don’t really have a time frame”
(Again, the way Drew is wording this is probably confusing the hell out of this poor old guy)

We leave and return later that week after two nights of trying to get Drew’s makeup right. 
The first attempt was with Scott, he put on theater make up while I bobby pinned parts of a wig in his hair and ended up making Drew look like he was headed to Broadway to sing in Cats.

Drew may kill me for posting this photo, but I can’t help it, it makes me LOLOLOL so bad. 
Mad Drew can be kinda funny, but mad drew with hideous make up on is maybe the funniest thing in the world. So hard not to laugh at him. 

After the make up was right we snuck back into the old apartment, trying to be so quiet so we wouldn’t get caught. 
We set up lights, we moved the fridge, we had to dig and find the door to the fridge and reattach it. Drew striped down to his undies and we glued claws on his fingers but then realized he needed  
to put on his socks. So in the dark smelly apartment I put on Drew’s socks for him, and we laughed like children as we did it. 
At one point I had to run home to grab something so we turned off all the lights and drew sat there alone dressed as a werewolf in his underwear in this stinky old apartment scared he was going to get caught. 

But I fill the role of the artistic director, Drew and I work well together. It is so damn fun. . . 


My Picture was next, we spent an hour at the theater trying on a bunch of different clothes and found nothing, we resorted to me wearing Drew’s sisters old cheerleading skirt and a white T.
We used the tennis courts in the Avenues, surrounded by chain linked fence covered in vines. . Joey came to be the dead body. And we sat in the car cutting up tennis balls and strategically placing blood on everything. 
The skirt didn’t fit right and my derriere was hanging out the back,  the looks we got by the passers-by were so comical, and the way Joey took being a dead body so seriously and just laid there for a solid 20 minutes was really hilarious. 


Then Joey’s Picture, Drew called the Masonic Temple and asked if we could use a room they had, to our surprise they let us in, they made sure it was a time where no one else would be there so we didn’t inter fear and they lead us in, they showed us were the bathroom was then they left us alone. In the Masonic Temple. It was so weird/comical. 
We went to town, re arranging the old furniture,setting up lights and quietly laughing as Drew showed the girls how they should lay on the couch. (those are my legs in the background) 

Formal Werewolf

My favorite part of these dumb pictures is taking them, I get laughing so hard with Drew. And it is fun to get our creative juices flowing and produce a mental picture. It is comical too to involve anyone else, they normally don't catch the vision and it is fun to watch them in a confused stupor do what we tell them. I freaken love Drew. 

Monday, November 2, 2015

Age Out.. .

I sat in church yesterday and realized that it was my last “Fast and Testimony” Meeting as a Young Single Adult, and it sent me into all kinds of negative emotions. 

“Age Out”

From the time I was 16 John LaCognata told me I would be swept way and married as soon as I was out of high school, checking my finger socked he did not find a diamond. This was a common thyme growing up, people/friends telling me I would one of the firsts to get married. 
Who would have thought I would be turning 31 and still be . . . . . Whatever it is that I am.

I have made the joke for years that if I would never “Age out” of a ward, I would just leave the church. 
And maybe this is God’s way of pulling a little joke on me. 
Well the joke is on him because I’m still here!!! And still somewhat committed to this church!!

I can feel myself getting crazy, a TWENTY FOUR-year-old gal got up and talked about how she is now engaged and how we need to embrace being single and make the most of our lives, how it is "such an exciting time" as a princess-cut diamond ring with white gold and halo diamonds sparkled on her finger for people in the back row to see. I was boiling mad, I just wanted to yell out the F-word. 

That's it, nothing more, just a obscene curse word shouted from the middle of the meeting room, as a protest to how dumb she was. 

It just is a really unsettling place to be, I have gone to two different 31+ Wards (Mid- singles? Older singles? Rejects???) and they are the absolute worst thing. Like, very terrible, I feel like I can’t breath when I am there, and it takes everything in me not to yell at someone, that’s all I want to do while I am there yell at everyone to either "leave me alone" or "get a life" (Two very mature things to yell). And if you think the pressure to get married in a YSA ward is bad, you know nothing. Nothing. 

There is a family ward I could go to, yet, a family ward??? Really? 
Apparently the family ward I would be a part of is mental, it is the same family ward that Elder Holland attends, and there are stories of people getting up to bear testimony of how they love him, even presenting him gifts spontaneously on stage. The entire thing makes me sick. Would I just go and sit by my lonesome and smile in the background?

I feel overwhelmed. I feel like this past year or two I have been turned around with my views on the church, tested out somethings, questioned even more things. Struggling to know what to do next. 
And while I don’t and never will understand the need for hideous underwear (among other things) I still have this deep rooted respect and love for the church. That I can’t shake. I can’t leave, God knows it, and I know it. But I feel like I may explode, and my spontaneous combustion may come out in the form of yelling at some misfortunate geeky 38 year-old man, who may be trying to flirt with me and won’t know what he is in for. 

And while a small part of this is about dating options, the majority isn't that at all- I love the idea of a Ward family, I love being a part of a community of crazy religious people who are trying to teach and grow together, but I feel like there is no place for me any more. I have been in a YSA ward, and rocked at it for 12 years. That is kinda weird to think about. 

So when it comes to Sundays I hate my life right now. I was thinking of just traveling come Sundays, just be out of town conveniently. Or maybe just "groove lightly" as Ben Rock would say, grab a glass of wine and watch the sunset. 

On a positive note- if I wallow in self pity too long I start to think about my life and how I have done this to myself -Maybe I should have married him, or maybe I shouldn’t have done that. . . And then I see my life, and start to account everything I have done. . . I have rocked it. I have seen more things in my short years that people see in a life time, I feel like I have been exposed to so much love, traveled and danced, I’ve found true love and true heart break, I’ve eaten crazy things and swam in crazy things, I’ve seen the night stars and know that the sky does change with different places you go, and the people I’ve chosen to surround myself with people that are made of magic, more roommates then I can count, more jobs then I can count, danced in more clubs then I can count. I wouldn’t trade it for the world, I don’t know how I would do anything differently. The the only thing I really have missed out on is 8 hours of sleep each night, and you never remember nights you get plenty of sleep.  

So while this blog post may seem a little bi-poller just know that that is currently how my all my internal organs feel, I feel calm and happy and want to dance, then they get all tight and crazy and I kinda want to cry or smash a bucket full of apples. 

Growing up is the worst.

Sunday, October 18, 2015


I got all dressed up this weekend in fur. my hair in a wild braid and went out to enjoy the last bits of warm weather on my amazing little motorcycle.

I got to my bike and it wouldn't start.

It might be out of gas.

I hope thats what it is.

So I sat there, looking amazing and listened to the fall air for about 5 minutes and then went back inside.

It's been a productive weekend.

Thursday, October 15, 2015


The Cannibal, the 2015 new lagoon ride. 
I remember when Samurai was the new ride and now that thing is lame. The rides are getting more intense, with steeper drops and faster speeds. Soon we will be placed into a pod and shot into space. 

We waited in the longest line at the park, there was 12 in our group and the cannibal car hold a perfect 12, so we fit into the car beautifully. All strapped in and then the ride shut down. 

So we waited, for maybe a half hour, and sitting still in the fall night air was getting chilly. The Featherstone family are a rowdy bunch. And we had three of the featherstone siblings as part of our group of 12, and with the excitement of going on the Cannibal for the first time, the chilly night air, the restriction of not being able to move they went a little nuts. 
Yelling and cheering. Bothering Hunter, a high school nerd who spent his summer making sure everyone was buckled correctly into roller coasters, and quite likely cleaning up vomit. 
“Hunter, what’s going on?”
“Hunter is it true that two people have died on this ride?”
Hunter awkwardly “I’m not at liberty to say. . “
Another worker comes out and everyone cheers for him. 
“Hunter, do you have a blanket”
“Hunter is it true that the first car they sent out on this no one came back alive?”
Hunter in a holler then tho tone “Well if that was true the Mayor wouldn’t be alive.”

So Moral of the story is cannibal was great, but I think the anticipation for the ride made it better. 

When our car pulled back into the station after the ride was over everyone was screaming and hollering, whipping tears from their eyes and chanting hunter’s name. 
It would have been way annoying if we weren’t at Lagoon. 

Frightmares is the best, the fun of Lagoon in fall attire and the smell of changing leaves. 
Why have I never been before?

Now that’s all I want to do. 
Fall air and blurry pictures. 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

"Ready to face it all"

I have my dinosaur sweater on today, it is paired beautifully with my hand made Italian shoes and wild matted braid. 
I have a real foxtail dangling off my hip red backpack and a mother Mary Guadeloupe dangling from my key chain.
And (oddly) I have Beyonce in my headphones. 
I have to run around the city for work and can now do so on my bike because of a plastic milk crate I zipped tied to the back, so admits the busy city-goers I ride!
The city smells like exhaust and raging love on fire, life on a Honda Trail 90 in the middle of the city has never been more incredible. 

This. Today. Is the best day of my life. 

Friday, October 2, 2015


This video was so beautifuly stunning, But really how the heck did they do this?
Watch it as you lie alone in bed under cool sheets. 
I felt like I was floating. 

Maybe when Andie gets back from traveling I'll make her try to recreate it with me, I have an HD water proof gopro, we could do it.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

"Wrong car Stacy!!"

Adam's first demolition derby. 
It blows my mind that Adam made it 31 years playing with cars and fixing old beater cars and had never been to a derby. 

Rocket Ron was my favorite, he car was dent free as he drove it into the arena. And it was announced that this was Ron's first time driving in a demolition derby and he was fresh from retirement. 

It killed me, he looked like such a Dad, with his chubby belly and this 3/4 sparkly helmet that I'm sure he found in his garage. 

He ran around scared for the fist few minutes, avoiding cars like crazy it was craken me up, but then he got in there and made some good hits before he dropped his drive shaft and was out. 

Then it was on to the fair, Adam wanted to win me a prize, and it turns out sometimes you don't have to win a prize, you just have to spend a lot money and then they just give you a prize. Loophole!!!!

We ate trash food with smoked napkins, snuck in to see the baby animals after hours, it makes you proud to be an american. 

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