Thursday, May 26, 2016

"Thank you"

I thought I would look so glamorous on camera, but the two times I have help out filming things it is a disaster, mostly because they slick my hair down, Why do they do that? I look insane.

But these videos warm my heart, I feel like while everyone feels scripted, they really are quite genuine, and paints a good picture of work.

Take a gander. . . . .

Password: internal

My debut is in the 2nd video. 

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Roof Top Tent

A miracle happened last Monday. 
In a fit of rage that I had drug my foot for so long about buying my roof top tent I got online to find the Provo Dealer who advertises on KSL so I could order my tent. 

And there it was, the exact tent I had been wanting for over a year, someone was getting rid of it for about 500$ less then any place I had priced them before. 

It was a modern day miracle, all of the sudden the long wait all seemed worth it. Going to trade shows just to sit in the tent I wanted, buying racks for Rav and having nothing to put on them, it all seemed sane now. 

I have been thinking about this dumb rooftop tent for Rav for well over a year. Something about a good luxury slumber on top of my car was enchanting, being that extra 6 feet closer to the stars makes all the difference. 

It was advertised as "Like new" and "Only used it on 10 camping trips"

I text the guy and he said that he had two other offers but they weren't willing to come to Jackson to get it and they will have to wait until he comes down to Salt Lake. 

DONE! I'll drive up tonight!

So I loaded up some new songs on spottily, found some new 'This American Life' post cast and left work an hour early. Not really realizing how long that drive was, but it didn't matter. He started driving towards me and saved me about an hour of the drive, four hours up through amazing farm lands with a these gloomy desert storms. The colors of the sky and the mountains matched my mood, alive rich and full of adventure. 

I stopped for gas at a pump that I was sure was broken, as I was filling up a truck pulled up, and a man hopped out and yelled.
"Do you need anything in the store"
"Do you need anything INSIDE"
"Oh, no! I'm good, Thank you!"
He got back in his truck and drove away. 
Was he the store owner? Was he going to just bust out one of the windows for me?

I was pleased when I met David that he was a fellow Toyota lover, and transferring the tent from his Tacoma to my Rav felt like I was passing on a noble birthright. 

Then four hours back. 

I got home, it was about 12:30, and I just stood back and looked at her parked in my lot, and fell in love all over again with my car. 

I clear my parking garage at work with 2 inches, another tender mercy. 

So now I have my tent, and I'm looking for all the camping buddies I can get, you must be under 8 foot and less then 273 pounds.
This is going to be the SUMMER OF MCKAY!


Thursday, May 12, 2016

Top Golf

 They are opening up the new Top Gold in Utah soon, I’m not sure when, but in attempt to butter up Experticity they invited me and a guest to come tour the facilities   so I took Sam. They wined and dined us with endless shrimp, prime rib, crab cakes and sushi. Then they just let us golf, eating sushi while golfing is a new favorite hobby, It was great, treated like royalty. Sam would gold while I sat back in this big comfy couch and ate, then when he would get sick of hitting, he would sit back and eat his prime rib and order more drinks. 

You just stand there and wave your club over the sensor, and a ball appears to hit. Each ball has a GPS tracker in it so it tracks where you are hitting the balls on these massive targets out on the range and you see it all on a touch screen right next to us. It was blowing my mind, I fought it, but I was so impressed. Technology and corporate America wins again!!!

Stoked that Sam came along, I think being wined and dined is something that appeals to him more then myself, and he is much better at golf then I am. 

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A True Hero. . . . Me, the Beekeeper.

Just crawling in bed, my body is so tired. I have had the longest most insane day.
Work: Birthday celebrations, baby showers, hoodies, water challenges, wall sits. . . whatever.
That's not where the crazy begins. . .

I beat the sun to work today, and so with my boss out of town and the day bight and beautiful I left early to go to Bluffdale and play with my bees.
About 4:15is I get a call from co-worker Dan-
"McKay!! want hear something crazy?. . I'm out in the parking lot and there is a swarm of bees in one of these trees"

"What?!?! Huh? are you sure they are bees?"

"Yeah, I'm positive they are bees, I'm here at work, I just walked out, our lot on the far East end you should come get them."

"Oh my gosh!" (this is a rare thing to find a swarm of bees in the wild and have the opportunity to be the one who collects it is very rare, kind of a once in a lifetime thing) "Dan! I'm like 30 minutes out! I'm in Bluffdale with my bees"

"Well, I bet they would still be here"

Hang up the phone and start going crazy with ideas, what if animal control or pest control is called?? what if they leave? what if. . . what if. . . .

I finish with the hive I was working on and close it up. I get to my car and call Co-worker Adam (another bee keeper in the office)
"Adam (I fill him in on what is happening) you need to go down! Go see what is going on! I'm on my way!"
Adam knows how exciting this is and grabs a cardboard box at the office and heads down.

He calls me back
"McKay! You have to get here THIS IS EPIC!" (I don't use phrases like that, but he does)
"I backed my truck under the branch and have a box ready to knock it into"

"Please wait for me! I'm 10 minutes out!"

I arrive and run thought the parking lot with my suit under my arm. As I get closer I see that bees are going crazy some must have been knocked down there is a cloud of them and I get closer to Adam he does not look well. "I'm stung" he tells me "They got me like 5 times on my head"
Why was he not wearing his gear? I'm still not sure- face/head stings can be serious.
He goes to a grassy patch to sit and I start to put my suit on. By the time I get to him he is laying down on the grass not moving, sweating like crazy.
"Adam, what can I get for you?"

By this time it is about 5:00 in our company parking lot, and we are surrounded by co-workers going home. So I grab co-worker Jeff and tell him where the Benadryl is in my desk and to run and get it.
Then Adam starts to throw up repetitively on the grass with no energy to sit up.
I yell to co-worker Eric to grab him some water.

After about 3 long minutes it seems like he is done throwing up.

But the bees are still going mad.

So all suited up I run across the parking lot to my car (The entrance to the lot was locked and I had to park forever way.) there was no time to take off the suit and I'm sure I was quite the site to see.
Some may have thought I was in a hazmat suit and wondering what the fuss was. While my co-workers who saw maybe didn't think much of it because I dress up and act nuts periodically at work and I bet they were just wondering if drew was around and in costume too.

I grabbed my smoker and my brush and ran back to the bees, got my smoker lit and started to smoke them out, calm everybody down. The van parked next to the truck was starting to get covered and the owner of the van was staring on in shock. . I ran to her and offered to get her car out. I backed out her car to safety.

As Adam started filling better there was one thing to do- get the bees in the box. And there was only one person that had the suit on to do it. The bees were angry but I felt so calm, I have never been in the presents of that many bees at once. And it is one thing when they are together inside a hive, it is a different thing when none of them have a home and they are swarming all around you. I started to hum a song to calm them down, calm myself down.
I was able to locate the queen and get her into the box, then it was bunch by bunch, bit by bit, directing them where to go, it took about a half hour in the chaos, relighting the smoker again and again to try and calm the bees.

Adam switched spots of lawn when he could sit up to move further away from the bees and maybe further away from his pile of half digested lunch too. Watching, and trying to feel better.

I got the majority in the box, closed the lid and strapped it down to the bed of the truck with tie-downs.

It might have been the coolest thing I've ever done with my life. It is quite rare to find a swarm, it is quite rare to be the beekeeper who gets to collect it. They are like gold in the beekeeping world, people fight over them. It is like a once-in-a-lifetime deal.

When all was said and done co-worker Jeff told me I was a hero and I don't think he was being funny. It made me feel like bursting into song, I was so proud of myself for staying calm, and handling everything like a true American Bee keeper.

Adam went to instacare. Getting stung 5 times in the head is no joke.

Adam took the bees to his place and we are going to create a new hive, or add them to our existing hive. Still yet to be determined.

After the chaos I went to my second hive at Drew's place, replaced the feeder cleaned out some of the extra wax, in this short time they are already producing honey, it tasted like spring blossoms, it truly was beautiful.

Then home again to make some more sugar water for this new swarm and now to bed.
I've been dealing with bees for the past six hours and I have never had a more fulfilling day.

Friday, April 29, 2016

2nd year, 2 hives.

This past week has been a whirl wind of bees. Visiting bee shops where crates of bees have broken open, spilled out and no one is phased, brewing meed, keeping a crate of bees in my bedroom one night while I slept, moving fast to beat mother nature, changing out feeders and watching first hand thermology clusters and being awe-struck. But I fear this blog gets too wordy, moral of the story is- they are here. Two hives this year, one in Drew’s Parent’s backyard again and one in Bluffdale next to a green house at a co-workers house. They all look so healthy and alive, it is beautiful. Drew held the GoPro for me while I put in the first hive. He kept his distance and I told him if you get stung just calmly walk away. Twice he said “I’m stung. . . I’m stung. . . “  While he walked back into the brush and once he was away he would say “Oh, no, I’m good.  I didn’t get stung!” as he would walk back to the hive. It can be a little unsettling to have 100+ bees flying all around you when you are a little unsure. Drew was cracken me up. 

I drove the second hive down to Bluffdale, I turned on some Italian music for them, they loved it. Max and Sam and their new girl friends came to watch I thought for sure Max would have a panic attack but he actually remained quite calm. It’s fun to show off, it really is a quite incredible process. 

So let the royal rumpus begin! I learned a ton last year, and already feel like I’m off to a much better start, keeping bees has become such a fulfilling thing, and it makes me love the warm sunshine days and believe in God all over again. 
We’ll see who brings in more honey. 

I made a lil' video of the other hive, put it on my Instagram. I put music over the entire thing and tried to make it all fancy. Putting in the bees I was focus and not really caring what drew was doing. Later hearing his commentary killed me, the bees make him nervous.


Wednesday, April 27, 2016

They are lighting the Y for Max tonight.

Max Graduated. He passed his Stats test with a flying D and they let him graduate! The group family chats exploded. The excitement for max was running high. He had me meet him an hour before everything so we could take a picture of him with his cap and gown. We walked around the campus for a bit, just him and I, Max was so excited. 

Vocal Point, Max's favorite musical group played, We had great seats. . . . 

 I still don't think any of us know what Max Graduating in. . . or if he really did, his name wasn't in the program.

RaVoe just cried for 2 hours straight. . . 
We were all so dang proud, I will admit I got choked up a few times that day, I just think Max is the best guy. It is great to see him happy, with a beautiful girl at his side. I hope so many good things for him. 
These two yah-whoos, are nuts, look how they are dressed. So dang proud. 

 The guy who gave the commencement speech, was really quite wonderful he said something about the importance of love in your life, I wish I could remember what he said, because I remember thinking it was profound. Just the idea of placing love as a high priority in your life, treasuring it as much as you treasure an education. 

Then it was dinner with the fam at the pie, and then family dinner the next night with a good chuck of the Sunday gang, and then it was zip lining at the neighbors to end the day. 

At least one of us Ortons are going places.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Work has never felt so good. .

This week in the work place:

Round two of movie at the Library, Tuesday evenings a very small group of coworkers walk over after work and enjoy some kind of Sundance film. 

Instagram is coming along, with this project that I am working on that is hard to explain. It has been a struggle and a bit of a fight I wasn’t expecting. But things are going well, I’m meeting with big people and have been doing things that I feel really passionate about and it makes fall in love all over again with this company. 

The Client service team has been holding a dart compatition. One dollar to play, five darts to knock off 3 bussniess cards from Chris’ desk. Winner takes all. 
The game proved to be a lot more difficult then anyone had thought and the pot got up to 93$. I got real close twice, but Blake won. It made for a fun morning.

I have set up a web cam around the office. Now that we have offices in San Fran and Seattle, we share live feed as to what we are doing, and they share live feed with us. It is creepy and so fun.

We had bikes in the office, so everyone took them on a spin. 

We just signed on a toe shoe company, so now, you know, those horrid shoes that go in between each toes? So now I own an eliete toe shoe that is over priced and you can’t even buy them yet, given to me as a gift. And they are so ugly and I love them so much. 

We Said goodbye to one of our VP team, he is an X-Marrine so we had him walk though a tounel of swards, and give him a 21 piper salute, Drew was dressed as a bald eagle, and we made our boss dress as lady liberty, it was such a joke, he loved it.

We merged with another company, it has meant big things for us and you can feel the excitement around the office. I built a two champagne towers ballon archways, and we had shirts make for everyone.
We had a chocolate fountain, and at the end of the party right before I turned it off I told Drew to lick it, he got so giddy and asked if I was serious "why not? I'm turning it off"
So he stuck out his tongue, and started to lick the fountain, I grabbed the back of his head and assisted him further into the mess.
The two of us were in our own little world laughing like crazy, in the middle of a big party. Drew stood up and had choloate all over his face, and no one noticed what he has been doing. So he yelled "look at me!!!" and everyone looked with this shock of "Oh good gosh! what the hell are you doing?!" No one was amused and I lost it, couldn't breath for a good five minutes.

 Oh my gosh I love his face, looking at this still kills me over with laugher. Look at him! he looks insane!
And the best part about our jobs is that our job is to cultivate this craziness, and we do a dang good job.

Also: St Packtricks day was a riot.
Little apple pucker, a little seagrams seven and a splash of white cranberry, and you got yur self a lil’ ol’ Scottish drink called de Kiss’ in the Blarney!
We loaded up a cart with shots and took them around the office as we tried to river dance. We thought we were so funny.
Look at the Developers behind us, so unamused! I love em.

Sisterhood of the traveling Pants with the finance team. 

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