Friday, April 29, 2016

2nd year, 2 hives.

This past week has been a whirl wind of bees. Visiting bee shops where crates of bees have broken open, spilled out and no one is phased, brewing meed, keeping a crate of bees in my bedroom one night while I slept, moving fast to beat mother nature, changing out feeders and watching first hand thermology clusters and being awe-struck. But I fear this blog gets too wordy, moral of the story is- they are here. Two hives this year, one in Drew’s Parent’s backyard again and one in Bluffdale next to a green house at a co-workers house. They all look so healthy and alive, it is beautiful. Drew held the GoPro for me while I put in the first hive. He kept his distance and I told him if you get stung just calmly walk away. Twice he said “I’m stung. . . I’m stung. . . “  While he walked back into the brush and once he was away he would say “Oh, no, I’m good.  I didn’t get stung!” as he would walk back to the hive. It can be a little unsettling to have 100+ bees flying all around you when you are a little unsure. Drew was cracken me up. 

I drove the second hive down to Bluffdale, I turned on some Italian music for them, they loved it. Max and Sam and their new girl friends came to watch I thought for sure Max would have a panic attack but he actually remained quite calm. It’s fun to show off, it really is a quite incredible process. 

So let the royal rumpus begin! I learned a ton last year, and already feel like I’m off to a much better start, keeping bees has become such a fulfilling thing, and it makes me love the warm sunshine days and believe in God all over again. 
We’ll see who brings in more honey. 

I made a lil' video of the other hive, put it on my Instagram. I put music over the entire thing and tried to make it all fancy. Putting in the bees I was focus and not really caring what drew was doing. Later hearing his commentary killed me, the bees make him nervous.


Wednesday, April 27, 2016

They are lighting the Y for Max tonight.

Max Graduated. He passed his Stats test with a flying D and they let him graduate! The group family chats exploded. The excitement for max was running high. He had me meet him an hour before everything so we could take a picture of him with his cap and gown. We walked around the campus for a bit, just him and I, Max was so excited. 

Vocal Point, Max's favorite musical group played, We had great seats. . . . 

 I still don't think any of us know what Max Graduating in. . . or if he really did, his name wasn't in the program.

RaVoe just cried for 2 hours straight. . . 
We were all so dang proud, I will admit I got choked up a few times that day, I just think Max is the best guy. It is great to see him happy, with a beautiful girl at his side. I hope so many good things for him. 
These two yah-whoos, are nuts, look how they are dressed. So dang proud. 

 The guy who gave the commencement speech, was really quite wonderful he said something about the importance of love in your life, I wish I could remember what he said, because I remember thinking it was profound. Just the idea of placing love as a high priority in your life, treasuring it as much as you treasure an education. 

Then it was dinner with the fam at the pie, and then family dinner the next night with a good chuck of the Sunday gang, and then it was zip lining at the neighbors to end the day. 

At least one of us Ortons are going places.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Work has never felt so good. .

This week in the work place:

Round two of movie at the Library, Tuesday evenings a very small group of coworkers walk over after work and enjoy some kind of Sundance film. 

Instagram is coming along, with this project that I am working on that is hard to explain. It has been a struggle and a bit of a fight I wasn’t expecting. But things are going well, I’m meeting with big people and have been doing things that I feel really passionate about and it makes fall in love all over again with this company. 

The Client service team has been holding a dart compatition. One dollar to play, five darts to knock off 3 bussniess cards from Chris’ desk. Winner takes all. 
The game proved to be a lot more difficult then anyone had thought and the pot got up to 93$. I got real close twice, but Blake won. It made for a fun morning.

I have set up a web cam around the office. Now that we have offices in San Fran and Seattle, we share live feed as to what we are doing, and they share live feed with us. It is creepy and so fun.

We had bikes in the office, so everyone took them on a spin. 

We just signed on a toe shoe company, so now, you know, those horrid shoes that go in between each toes? So now I own an eliete toe shoe that is over priced and you can’t even buy them yet, given to me as a gift. And they are so ugly and I love them so much. 

We Said goodbye to one of our VP team, he is an X-Marrine so we had him walk though a tounel of swards, and give him a 21 piper salute, Drew was dressed as a bald eagle, and we made our boss dress as lady liberty, it was such a joke, he loved it.

We merged with another company, it has meant big things for us and you can feel the excitement around the office. I built a two champagne towers ballon archways, and we had shirts make for everyone.
We had a chocolate fountain, and at the end of the party right before I turned it off I told Drew to lick it, he got so giddy and asked if I was serious "why not? I'm turning it off"
So he stuck out his tongue, and started to lick the fountain, I grabbed the back of his head and assisted him further into the mess.
The two of us were in our own little world laughing like crazy, in the middle of a big party. Drew stood up and had choloate all over his face, and no one noticed what he has been doing. So he yelled "look at me!!!" and everyone looked with this shock of "Oh good gosh! what the hell are you doing?!" No one was amused and I lost it, couldn't breath for a good five minutes.

 Oh my gosh I love his face, looking at this still kills me over with laugher. Look at him! he looks insane!
And the best part about our jobs is that our job is to cultivate this craziness, and we do a dang good job.

Also: St Packtricks day was a riot.
Little apple pucker, a little seagrams seven and a splash of white cranberry, and you got yur self a lil’ ol’ Scottish drink called de Kiss’ in the Blarney!
We loaded up a cart with shots and took them around the office as we tried to river dance. We thought we were so funny.
Look at the Developers behind us, so unamused! I love em.

Sisterhood of the traveling Pants with the finance team. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Another week with Doser

Round Two with this Dog. 
I’ve been on a crazy health kick, worse then I ever have before. But I thought that being with the dog would be great, to have a running buddy who wouldn’t judge me if I bailed out on half of my run, and slow to a speed walk on some of the hills. 

Day one, I get home from work the sun is dancing in the Dodge’s disco ball, the grass is green and plush, I changed into workout clothes Dozer was pumped!
The dodges live on a hill so in my pumped up mode I hook up the leash and charge right up the hill. 

It is hard to tell if Doser is happy when he runs, his face moves about like a flag in the wind, and every once in a while you catch a glimpse of these wide and seemingly crazy eyes. WE WERE OFF! To work out to get the heart rate up and leave the world behind us!
Then just about as abruptly as all the excitement started, it stopped. 200+ pounds of it done. Done with running, done with freedom, done with the sun and the possibility of a fit tomorrow. We had traveled about 20 feet, and that is where he sat. 
And try as I might with sweet words and then demanding words, he was done, he could sense my enthusiasm and knew my energy would not run out in the time frame he wanted it to. The only step he would take is one back to the house. 

So I ran on the treadmill. 

I thought about how weird it was that I was his boss, I was there to keep him out of trouble, yet the only thing I had on my side was I could open doors and he couldn’t.
Luckily he is a sweet heart. Luckily he thinks we are the best of friends. I hear people all the time talk about how great it is when their dog loves them unconditionally, how great it is that they are excited everyday when the owner gets home. And it really is so touching, to love and keep loving. 
Maybe the key to love that way is to have a life as simple as a dog. 

Together Doser and I made dinner every night, and when I say doser and I, I mean I made him stand far away because when he smells food the slobber gets a little nuts. I didn’t bring my computer, so it was slow evenings of reading, and playing my accordion, it was charming. He would sit right outside the door as I bathed. 

Look at his squishy face and dirty hands, so cute. 

This was the best we could do with timer. Doser does not understand social media. 

Round two I must say was much easier then round one, he is such a baby. I love/hate him dearly. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Look who came to work!!!!!!!

Heaven help me, I love this dog so much. . .  mostly because he loved me first. I took him to work and he was a rockstar, so excited to go so nervous about the elevators, and he was right by my side at all times. I don't really realize how much I walk around the office until you have an animal at your side. We have four floors now in the Boston building, and I am constantly up and down all of them. Rainy went with me to the mail room, the storage room, we walked across the street to get more parking validations, and everywhere he was right by my side. If I stood in a place too long he would sit down next to me, then lay down and just wait for me to be done. The sales guys would hoop and haller at him trying to get him to come over so they could pet him and he would just lean back and give them this unamused face. He kills me, I wish I could steel him. So loyal to me it melts my heart. 

 Look at him on my dog wall!!! he looks so scared! oh my, I love him.

And I don't think I want a poodle, and I don't think I want a dog, I just want want Rainy. I need to figure out how to convince his owners that he is no good, washed up, and they should get rid of him. Because I'd take him in a heartbeat.

I have said it again, but I will sing it all day long. . . I love my job.

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