Friday, July 31, 2015

Pie and Beer.

A co-worker (From Portland) asked me if ‘Pie and Beer” offends the Utah natives. 
I told him that you can’t get more Utah then me, and I love Pie and Beer Day.

I also told him that Mormons get offended by everything. 
(They pretend not to, but they do, even now as some of you Mormons read this you will think “I am offended that she would say that I get offended! And isn’t she one of us? Why is she saying that if she is one of us?!”) 

Yeah, I’m Mormon, but I’m not like a regular Mormon, I’m a cool Mormon.  (Mean Girls quote)

Pie and Beer. . . This year Andie is in Alaska, Max is traveling islands, Whitney is blissfully married so that just leaves Sam and I. 
Two kids yet somehow we have a Packed Full house, running out of chairs. 
No one knocks, some of them flop on the couch and take naps, and all of them eat like crazy. 

And there is so many reasons I love this. 
I love how many people have grown to be comfortable at our house. My mom started this “Bonus Son” thing a while ago, because some of the boys really do feel like my brothers, and she claims some of the guys as her own, but it is almost comical because there are quite a few boys now who make the list. (Never has a girl make the list. . . . Interesting) 
I love that my Mom doesn’t cook. We had pies galore and my Mother always makes sure the display is beautiful, the table cloths are just right, the plates are vintage and cake stands are being displayed. Then she buys glorious store bought cakes, then instead of worrying about the kitchen she sits and we all laugh and talk on the deck. 
Did she forget the drink with the Pie, and your mouth is feeling dry? Get up and get your own glass of milk, you know where it is!
I think at one point RaVoe was chanting her high school fight song on the deck, like an annoying teenager and I like her being a part of everything.
And I love the deck, I don’t really have to expand on that, it is a perfect place to be in the summer.

We did pioneer trivia learned that the only like 5% of the pioneer used handcarts and that “Trek” is a scam! We learned that they left to start their journey at around 8:00am, and they couldn’t take some paths because they were crowded with too much gold. Right?? Right. 

But my favorite thing about the Highland house recently is The Stump Game. It is an Alaskan Drinking game. 

You stand around the stump, everyone has a nail standing in front of them. You take turns passing a hammer around, flipping the hammer in the air, if you get one flip you get one hit, three flips, three hits. And if you drop it you loose your turn. When you catch it you have to immediately take your hits on other players nails without readjusting your hand from the catch. Last nail standing wins. 

It is so stupid, and people get hurt, and I can’t get enough of it, it is so funny to me. 

I had video, I tried to upload it, but it was too big, or long or awesome and I wasn’t motivated enough to work with it. But Max is home from the Islands this week, so Sunday should be a good round of Stump, come by and see it first hand.

Monday, July 27, 2015

City Boys

I left my phone in Provo, and Drew did too, so apart from some car selfies, so the only pictures taken were some very flattering car selfies that Eden took. 

And it made for a magic little trip, not checking phones and having to take pictures of everything. 

I slept in Bryan Kershisnik’s Art Studio. It is a old, run down building. I think it use to be the city building. The brick was crumbling and not a consistent color. 
Inside was a world of imagination, paintings and sketches everywhere, colors and death masks, a bathroom puzzled together with different types of wood. 
Then there was a massive grand room, with hard wood floors and a tin celling. The room provided plenty of dance space, but was also filled with odds and ends, canvases and boxes.

In Bryan’s studio there was a a chunky King sized bed that was in the middle of everything, but looked so welcoming with heavy blankets. 
And when it came time to find places for us to sleep there was couches that was unveiled, and a mattress that was slid out and flopped down on the hardwood floor. All of us scattered about sleeping.

And there was no apologies from Bryan for the chaos, he was pleased as punch to have us there. It was liberating to be there, you just felt creative, and maybe that’s why Drew couldn’t help but sing and dance. 

The town festivities were so gad dang fun. Everyone is LDS and the parade was made up of floats from all the church groups. The Relief society just had roots on their heads, all riding their own 4-wheeler with a sign about faith and roots and something. The CTR 8, and then the STAR 7, the High Priest . . . They were all there! It was a wonder they even had people to watch the parade. 
And the parade was so short, that it went down main street, then turned around and came right back. Hilarious. So we had to stand twice with our hand on our heart for the flag. 

After the parade it was on to Grandma’s house, a grumpy old lady with a house that she keeps adding on to, incorporating stained glass, the old church windows, archways and secret built in compartments to hold all the guns. It was bursting with color, and with plants. A pure dream. 

The town put on a terrible talent show, after that was a dutch oven dinner, with big garbage bins full of homemade root beer. There was tug of war, foot races, three-legged races. They set a chicken loose for the kids to chase with money tied to him, and then a greased up screaming pig for the older kids. 

The most heart warming thing was to watch the foot races, when the grown men let Joe, this down syndrome happy man, win the race, I guess he wins every year. 

It was the happiest weekend, we chased baby pigs, visited miniature horses, Mace got charged at by a baby goat, went to up the canyon to the amphitheater to tell pioneer stories and watch Drew fall in the river, visited the seminary, and the reservation. It is so great to see people living a simple life, it makes me want to marry a cowboy and I just love that my friends are content with a weekend of small town chaos. 

286 things I could have taken pictures of, but didn’t. It was so nice to be away from my phone, I may start doing it more. 

Monday, July 20, 2015

July Drew

We sat at the breakfast table after Drew finished his Breakfast burrito, and his eight pancakes (Eight!) we started to talk about how amazing July is. 
When Mason said “lets get out there! Lets not waste it!”.  All of us stood up from the table to go onward and do summer right, not waste a second of July. 

The MacKay pool we all agreed was Perfect, it was built in the 60s, is surrounded by red trumpet vines, and has Sandlot written all over it. 
With a diving board, old blue lockers, bathroom, a mini, very mini kitchen. 
We had the place all to ourselves, hidden away from the world.

We stayed in the pool, playing Olympics, Courage, Trust fall, Tsunami, whirlpool, Little Mermaid, underwater singing and George Washington.
In the pool from 1 to 9, eight hours of swimming, with short breaks for Pizza, Cake and Watermelon. 
(With a hot tub patio soak after.) I thought my little wrinkly fingers would never recover. But as we all curled up in the massive sectional to watch Run Away Bride in with our wet hair, sore eyes and Chinese take-out, the magic of summer nights carried us to sleep. 

No pictured: Erica, Frankie, Mason, Alexis, Brydon. 
July never felt so good. 

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Yoga at the Capital

There may have been 200 of us, and at one point we were all laying at the end with our eyes closed wrapping up the session and the only thing you could hear was the traffic, with my eyes closed I felt like I was the only one there. It was empowering how everyone was committed to be and take it seriously. I'm so completely horrible at yoga.
Like, I'm really bad.

My co-workers. . .

Love my city, I love my body with freckled shoulders, I love Jillian, it is surprising to me how good of friends we have become. Life is good.


One year ago I went to Experticity’s company summer party as a +1. 
I had no idea what the company was, I was just happy to be with my boyfriend at the time and meet his coworkers. 
I was watching this frumpy Office Manager run around in her tank top and maxi skirt. Flopping around, and acting stressed. 
The food was two hours late, and I had to get to work at the restaurant so I didn’t even get to eat. 

I remember clearly leaning over to Adam and saying “How do I kill her, and get her job?”
Adam agreed that I would be perfect for the job, and the food wouldn’t have been late. 

So yesterday I had this moment, it was while I was walking jumper cables back to the construction worker (That’s another story) getting ready for the company party, where I almost started to cry at how good I have it. Where the good Lord has lead me, and the doors he opens for me. The old Office lady is not dead, but I do have her job, and it is hilarious because Drew- maybe my favorite human, works right at my side. I work in the historic Boston Building, I plan parties and lunches and boss people around,  I my desk is a big as a ship, I know our 198 employees by first and last name and am never in loss for a friend to go to lunch with. And outside work I’ve had more time to play and try new hobbies and watch more Seinfeld then I ever have before. 
A last night Drew and I threw a hellofa summer party. Nothing fancy, everything simple, but everyone seemed to be having a wonderful time. 
We got the three top food trucks in Salt Lake (and we know, we have food trucks every Thursday at the Gallivan) 
Some blowup toys, and a canoe packed full of drinks. 
People could eat to their heart’s content.

Drew and I sat at the sign in table heckling everyone and the families as they came in, putting wrist bands on them. I love meeting families and seeing the spouses of the people I work with. I don’t go home to a family and sometimes it is hard to believe the people around me do, we don’t need family! We have each other! Right?

This year, my goal is to have Britney Spears job! Loved by all, preforming in Vegas every night, and sleeping in stacks of money!
Dream big my friends, and never underestimate a little charisma! 

Monday, July 13, 2015

Third wheel

You need a driver, a participant and a spectator to boat, apparently.

And these two boys were desperate to get on the water, yet couldn't find a soul who was willing to wake at the six-o-clock hour on a Saturday. So after going to bed at 2, I woke up at 5 to hold an orange flag and eat watermelon.

Towards the end I surfed and did a little skiing, but for the most part it is fun to watch these boys be in their element, crash and burn and get winded and talk about how out of shape they both are. I really would be a third wheel any day.

Wrap Your Fist Round my Heart Yeah, you Know How it Pound, Pound, Pound

The night was started with two condoms, pretend VIP passes and a rush of nervs, and ended with deep stand-the-test-of-time, over-the-moon love.

Michel Lichety was my gradeschool/Jr high crush, Cali Stevens told me to go for him because when I was a shopemore he would be a Seinor, and it was cool to date a Senior.
He liked Third Eye Blind, so for my birthday I asked for, and got the Third Eye Blind CD, it was my first CD.
Memorized every word.
Motorcycle Drive by.
I Want You.
God of Wine.
Listening to them on repeat.
It is comical to me now to think about this Jr High girl thinking she could relate to this CD all about sex and Drugs.

And as far as Dashboard. . . .
I have seen him 9 times in concert, last night made 10.
My first concert was Saves the Day and opening for him was Dashboard Confessional, just him no band, just his guitar and emotions. His songs escorted me through my first love and a hardcore break up, where the world around me fell and I felt like my problems were as big as the Great Salt Lake.

So last night was an inevitable nostalgic journey.

I debated for a while who to take, Drew? no, he hates that kind of music. Dallin? perfect, but he lives in New York. Grab a new guy for a first date? Hell no, my emotions were off the chart just buying the tickets I could only imagine in horror the first impression I would give to a guy I potentially wanted to date while crying and screaming and singing at a concert.

Erica, She was the perfect choice.
Crazy girl, who loves to scream and is down for anything to make her snapchat story more crazy.
She was so fun to have at my side.

As we waited in line, hours before the show started, we watched Third Eye Blind leave on bikes to go venture around the city. What I wouldn't give to be a part of that bike bergade.

Doors opened and we ran to make it to the front.
Right up at the bar, 5 foot-nothing girls lined up behind us, they couldn't see, and they were being smash up against our sweaty backs, but I held no sympathy for them, thats what you get for not running.

No words at this point could describe the night, remembering what it felt like to be young and in love, and tangled up in sex and hardcore drugs, that was less relatable to me but somehow I empathize and feel every emotion.

Steven Jenkins stole my heart, I had no idea he was so damn charismatic, and to put that face with the voice of my past was magic. At the end of the show after the encore of Simi Charmed Life he pointed right at me, a straight armed, solid, 4 second, eye-contact point.
In that moment I was lost in his stare and feel in Love, I think he is my dream man.
Then he walked off stage and I haven't seen him since.

After our stare a his point,  girl next to me said "woah, I thought he was going to come down and kiss you" . . . . I did too crazy unknown lady, I did too.

Friday, July 10, 2015


Had a hellofa night with three of my handsome guy friends, trying our hardest to get our dance moves on the Jumbo Tron. I could be obsessed with the Utah Jazz if I went to every game, the energy in that place is crazy fun.

Monday, July 6, 2015


I’m back from my long weekend, needing a long weekend to recover. 
Friday was nothing but the pool, I rocked my rashgaurd, and then finally took it off and got my thighs and stomach lobster red, then it was motorcycle rides and visiting a monster house with a psychedelic pool for the Eaglewood fireworks.
Saturday was breakfast at Aggies in Logan, Floating the Onida River, checking in to the hotel in Preston, BBQ in Idaho Falls along with the best firework show of your life, back to the Hotel to jump on the bed, watch Tremers get little sleep and wake up for Sunday German pancakes, and then a Sunday family diner that was the best food we've had since Golden Corral.

It was a beautiful 4th of July, and the best part was spending it with this guy:
Officer Van Dyke, a man who comes alive this time of year. 

Floating the river was pure euphoria, in my blow up lounge chair, with all my friends floating around me, it was a hilariously good time. 
The river was packed, PACKED! And it made it all the more festive, and all the more exciting. 
God bless this land full of massive amounts of floating water, natures playground. 

I didn’t know what time it was all weekend, it just didn’t matter. It was country music in full swing, with cheap american flags decking out the front runner, felt like I was in high school again. 

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Whitney Dodge.

Welp, just like that Whitney is married and I’m back at work.


Whitney wanted to know last night via text if I could take a long lunch, and then casually asked if I wanted to meet them at the court house to be a whiteness to her wedding, so simple so causal, just like that.

-Do you have any flowers!?
-Can I get you some?
-Should I dress up?
-Mike has a friend from work coming. I doubt he will dress up. But Mike and I will be dressed up.
If you wanta wear a dress that will look good.

So insane. 

So I skipped over to Trader Joe’s to get her some flowers and bought some rice. (I debated for a while in the store what kind of rice and I went with Jasmine. Who cares about the birds!) 
Whitney looked amazing her hair was wild, her skin was glowing, and her dress was so simple and perfect. 
Mike was getting sweaty and kept talking real fast.
I think at one point I was working three cameras. 
Randy and Steve looked real nice too.
Mike was nervous, then I was nervous. 
We were ushered into a small room with a terrible heart wreath and florescent lighting, and the Lady refused to put on her robe "it's too hot to wear my robe" (would you call her a minister?) she spoke some words, Whit got choked up and then they were married.
It was over before is began, Whitney was shaken with a bit anxiety trapped in this florescent government room as Randy took picture after picture, thinking that this is how her wedding would be remembered florescent, plastic flowers and no robe. Oddly those ended up being the things that made it perfect.

Quick and cheesy then outside we took pictures and everyone was giggling like kids, knowing we had all been a part of something big that our parents didn't know, it made you feel like you were in high school again. Overcome with a simple joy that the big fancy weddings can't buy.

This was an elevator selfie as we are leaving the court house, it makes me so happy.
(It beats Ellen's Academy Awards selfie by a long shot.)

So, I have an older brother now.  I love Mike so much, and I’m happy he is part of the family, and mostly I’m happy that there is a good man to take care of Whitney, she deserves the world. It’s been a hot, sweaty, quite wonderful day, and if it wasn't for the rice that stuck to their sweaty bodies rather then falling romantically to the ground, it would have been perfect.  So great.

Now I just have to wait until the news is made public before I hit “Publish” on this blog. . . 
I wish I could be there when they tell my parents, there is no way, NO WAY of knowing how they will take the news. . . 

I love my crazy family. 

Thursday, June 25, 2015