Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Apple Picker.

I said a prayer last week asking God to always let me have the doors of my apartment/house/van open to whoever wants to come by, be open hearted to I don’t know why this was my prayer but it was. 
Days later I get a text from an old couch surfing friend, I met up with him a long time ago as we was passing though town on his way to work in farms in Oregon we just had pizza and he moved on in a hurry. Now, on his way back to Texas he needed a place to stay. 

He showed up to my apartment barefoot with an apple in hand. 
He said he found an apple tree and I was so confused, as he pointed down the street. 
I have been here four years and have no idea where an apple tree was, but he had found it and was eating one. 

We chatted for a bit and then I decided to take him up to see the bees (I want him to love Utah, and be a good lil’ host) I was a tour guide on the way up, talking quite a bit and he was rather shy. 
We hiked into the bees and he asked me if it would be OK to smoke a bowl. 
"I don’t see why not, as long as you don’t get the bees high”

So as I opened up the hive he sat on a rock and watched as the sweet smell of marajawana surrounded us. 

That was it, an entirely new guy came to light. (I think if you smoke weed long enough being high becomes the new normal and you feel uncomfortable with out it)
He was so smily and so chatty. . . It was killing me!
We sat for a second longer with the bees then it was on to taking the back roads home so he could get a good look at the Bountiful Temple. It was stunning last night as the sun set. 
And he was filling the car with non-stop conversation.
He is a disk golfer, who is traveling around with his disks, (disks- Plural. For long and short distances, for curving, for straight lines) he is quite excited for the course he found in Park City that has a 400 foot drop. 

Then he talked about the ocean 
Him- “It was so hard to say goodbye”
Me- “How do you say good buy to an ocean?”
Him- “You swim in it. . . (closes his eyes) I took off my clothes, and walked out. . . .  (Opens his eyes) What if that was the last time I would have seen the ocean, I would have regret if I didn’t swim in it”
Me- “Isn’t the water cold up there?”
Him- “Oh it is freezing, no one swims in it without wetsuits”
Me- “Did you have a wetsuit?"
Him- “Nope”

A freaken nut, I love it. 

After we went to my office downtown, no one was there but I knew I had some punchcards in my desk for two free Gyros. We walked over to Spitz. He really liked the food, and the nostalgic music was giving him flashbacks of the 90s. 

Then it was back home, as we got out of the car he asked if I wanted an apple, and so after he showed me where the apple tree was, I showed him where our church garden was, he was quite impressed and took a zucchini for the road. (still intrigued as to how he will eat it)

 I woke up this morning,  got ready for the day and come out to find him all packed up and ready to leave, we walked out together, I gave him a hug and I don’t know if I’ll ever see him again.  But so glad I was able to help him on his journey.  I think the roommates loved it too. 

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Standing in a nice dress, staring at the sunset.

Stop making a big deal of the little things, cause I got big deals and I got little things. 

I’m creeping up on my fourth year living in this Salty City, and this past year everything has changed, Utah has morphed into a entire new light.
For the first time in my life I feel like I can do it all, I feel like no one can touch me and everyone is my friend.

Suddenly I feel like this city has so much to offer me, I have a little more time and a little more money that I can play with my hobbies, and it has exploded my self confidence. 

Time for anything else. 

Getting rid of Instagram and making room for anything else, even a good nap would do myself better then checking up on a highshool aquantince who just washed her car. Why do I care?

Wanting to be a bit of a hippie in the concrete walls of the fabulous Salt Lake city.

My lil’ motorcycle has quickly become my best friend. 
I rode it to work today scared like crazy the entire ride, and I might ride it non-stop for the rest of my life, and preserve Rav in the mint condition she is in so in 100 years when I’m . 

The pazaz might wear out, but for now I have to get a ride in each day, or else I think about it all day. 

Yesterday I took Taylor Swift on a ride, no shame, singing aloud confident that my voice is louder then the roar of my bike, but not caring one bit. 
I watched the sunset at I rode every street in the Salt Lake cemetery, honking at David-O and Gordon as I drove by. 
I’m sure they loved it. 

I’m flying, like my little bees- alive and happy. 

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Going 35, I'm outta control!

I spent a good two hours on my bike yesterday.

I put on my fur, fired her up took her to Liberty Park, then over to State street then home.
Then took off the sweaty hot fur, grabbed some headphones and took off again, winding around every street in the Avenues, then I was brave enough to ride down 13th east to Sugar House, then more of Sugar house, then to 2100 south, to pick up a passenger that proved to be a little more tricky with a good looking fellow on the back. Then we headed to 3300 South for dinner, then back to 2100 south to drop him off, then home again.

Now this may not sound impressive to you, but to know how to shift, and to zip around on my very own bike created this beautifully empowering feeling of summer, youth, freedom and independence.
(Sometimes laced with the feeling of humility when my little Honda couldn't speed up as quick at the line of 5 cars behind me. )

It's the furthest I've ever rode her, and she rode beautifully, firing up every time, first time, no problem.  The night air felt wonderful, and I would pass through smells of campfires, sprinklers, food, cigarette smoke, garbage and traffic. Made me feel alive, Summer in it's finest.
It felt like I was seeing the little houses and big trees in Salt Lake for the first time.

I hope to do a whole post about the bike soon, but I'll leave this here for now.
It makes me so happy.


Justin and I share a garage, he's a good coworker/buddy and he has a WAY COOL harley.
(It's not that cool)
He lives close so we split the cost of the garage, we've put carpet in it and hung chandlers, and the place is wonderful and has become a great lil spot to keep our bikes.

Justin called me up last night and asked if I could take pictures of a bike (His Aunts run a car dealership and had a new bike come in and wanted pictures of it.)
I'm quite sure it was just an excuse to take advantage of the opportunity to drive it around.

So we took it on a Saturday Joy ride, getting mad at anyone who would not look at us.
Felt like I needed a scarf, a fitted dress and a dog to sit on my lap with a matching scarf.
Justin kept hoping that the side car would fly off like in the movies and I would speed off in a different direction and Justin would be oblivious.

Blurry pictures with a lamp that ruined the day. . . 

 Would would think that you may feel like the lesser person in the side car, but it is exactly the opposite. I felt like I was royalty in that thing, cartoon royalty.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

This is now become a regular thing. .

Fifth time being a fortune teller, I'm getting quite good at reading tarot cards.

I made a lady cry, brushing away one single tear, so emotional, and I just wanted to whisper "it's not real"

A group of five came in "Can you read all of our fortunes?"
"Too many auras in one place I'm sorry! I can't. .   I just can't"

Hellofa night. With the only pictures I got being a bedroom selfie and a bathroom selfie. . .

As we left Whitney was loading things into her car (We come with suit cases full of books, fur, salt rocks, candles, feathers, jars of dead creatures) and her phone fell and slid right under her car.
The look on her face, the dress she was in, her wild hair, for some reason it got me good, so funny. She was so put out.

She got on the pavement, hands and knees begging me to help. Neither of us could reach it with the layers of fabric we had on, so we had to carefully back out the car. Crazy gypsies in the parking lot laughing it up.

Freaken love my sisters and all of our wild hair. . we sure did miss Andie.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Soft Butter.

Dan Roby is the most pleasant human you will ever encounter, he spent years living in Sweeden, has a bee tattoo, is digging out his basement for a literal 'man cave'. He is wonderful and has taken a liken to me and Drew. So when he asked Drew and I to join him at a “concert" we gladly said yes without knowing the night would cost us 50 bucks each.

Dan went early in line, 4 hours early to sit and do a crossword puzzle out of the paper and finish the sudoku puzzle. (he is the weirdest human)
We joined the line about a half hour before the doors opened, and search as we might there was no one our age, no one even close to looking our age. And all those old people were killing time waiting with backgammon, reading, knitting, drinking wine, without a cell phone in site. So comical. 

The amphitheater was stunning, slightly overcast that made for no harsh sun and an amazing sunset. 

Companion House Prairie has been an ongoing radio show for 30 years. And basically the little crew that makes it all happen was on stage and we witnessed a show together.  (Front and center Dan got us great seats) 
Garrison Keillor is a storyteller extraordinaire, holding everyone captive with his half asleep walk, his half asleep face, and his deep voice with a razor sharp wit. The sound effect guy blew us all away and the guest singer Sara was darling, and the piano man could not be more wonderful. 
I got quite coked up at this funny old tune. . 
(But you have to imagine Garrison singing it in is deep old man voice)
And a song about loving your Aunts and Uncles got Drew pretty good. 

We set up our chairs and blankets, brought snacks galore and some home-brewed Kombucha and let the night slip away. 
The entire night made me feel timeless, hoping to remember the simple things in life- Rocky mountains, story telling, true blue friends, good music and love. 

Summer in its finest. Well worth 50 bucks, I would pay 100 to do it all over again.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Bee Happy

Max, last minute entered a small video contest, and I was so happy that he wanted to highlight me.
Sibling Pride runs deep with us.

So here is me with my little hive. There numbers have been struggling but they are still so pleasant and doing so well. I'm so proud of them. You will never find happier bees.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Broken Leg.

Learned about Mumble core at the Utah film festival yesterday. 
I watched a quite hilarious independent film on a broken leg. The lighting, the colors and the styling was horrid, like really, really bad. 
But the characters were funny, the music was great and I love creative people who know their film won’t make it to hollywood, and they have a low budget but go for it anyway. There is something inspiring about it.  

Mumble core is I guess more true to life dialog, it gives the actors points to hit but allows a lot of room for improv.  Giving it a more true to life feel, apparently. I was sold, I think it's kinda cool. 

I also got to see my good friend Drew, and he is just as gold as ever. 

Monday, August 10, 2015

Happy Birthday Eden

The cool summer air, my favorite friends and beautiful lighting.
My I always be young enough to cut loose on the dance floor. 
It was a beautiful weekend. 

Friday, August 7, 2015

Work it.

In case you are wondering, I still love my job. 

The head of product approached me at my desk, he said the Developers had been working too hard trying to make deadlines and he wanted to throw them a surprise party the next day.
So I went to work, and the next day in the still of the afternoon the elevator doors opened and out came a Mariachi band in full getup and full song. The next round of elevators held bar tenders, that went to work right behind the band to set up blenders and ice buckets and had margaritas going. 
Then I came down last with two pinatias. 
We blew them all away. It was a full blown party in less then 3 minutes. 
So fun. (I still have two large bottles of tequila in my closet) 

I got to hire a Mariachi band! SO funny! call me if you need their number, they do privet parties. . 
 (this is my good buddy Sam from Macaroni Grill, he bar tends at Lumpys now and was stoked to come when I called him)

This week the finance team hopped on tracks to go over to the Gateway to see inside out. If we debate too much about a movie we all just end up going to the gateway. It's great to have a trax station and a green bike station right out side the building, we all have green bike passes so it is very common to see coworkers out riding. 

This is Doug and Roby, maybe the two kindest, quirkiest humans alive. . . 

Friday we had our “Town Hall/Birthday” Meeting and Drew and I cut up 15 watermelons. 
I love buying stuff in mass quantities at the same Smiths grocery store, the workers always give us a hard time. 
Then while people ate Drew and I made the interns hold up the birthday banner and thought it was so funny. .

Out to eat! I have to limit myself to three times a week, because it is so easy to grab a friend and go to the million wonderful places in the area and spend one million dollars. . 

Hanging out at my desk, look at all these beautiful people, shoot, I love them all. . . . 

Everyday the “Eye of the Tiger” starts and we all know it is time to plank (I wish there was a better way to get a picture of it, there are people all throughout the office planking it kills me it is so fun). 

Dogs at work. . 

Pie and Beer day, we think we are so funny and dress up. . . 

Learning to roll sushi. .

Took a day off with the finance team for Lazar tag.. . 

Drew's Birthday we wrapped his desk and created a balloon pit. . .

Then going over to the OR with Ryan and Chad and killing two hours of the work day, Ryan may be one of the most interesting humans alive and about once a week threatens to leave work and move to the mountains, then he'll drink a big cup of coffee and be fine. 

We have an amazing group of outdoors, hardworking, attractive humans who seemingly love being here as much as I do. But apart from my co-workers, I get to interact with amazing people, I’ve met the the big wigs at GoPro, Lucy, Treggar, Ugg, Mountain Hardware, Pinterest, North Face, Diamond Back, FitBit . .  .
And last Saturday Deer Valley invited me to come take a tour of their event spaces, ride on their lifts and see what Deer Valley has to offer me. It is a comedic turn of events where Deer Vally is wanting to butter ME up, they sent me menu choices before hand, and I felt like a queen being wined and dined, and ride the lifts. 
I had reserved seats with my name on them for the outdoor symphony, and then I got put up in a posh "Lodge room" with a full kitchen and full family room, and as I walk in the door there is a gift bag with my name on it looking at me in the face. So fancy, so fun. I had this weird feeling while I was there like I was going to get caught, sent home, and told to go work at a gas station again.

I love my job, I love feeling like I’m am an adult, sometimes I crave being at work rather then home. And while I always seem to love and obsess over jobs I’ve and in the past, this job is like nothing I could have imagined and has my heart singing. The office feels as comfortable as my family room, and to walk the busy city streets at lunch time and know faces right and left on the street makes me so happy my heart may combust. 

It's too good to be true, it will all end soon, that can be the only explanation, I just have to enjoy each day.

Dating may still be a tricky area, I think I need to be in better shape then I am, I stepped in dog crap at the farmers market and tracked it into the target dressing room and unintentionally smeared it all over some jeans, produce is causing drama in my life, and my roommate dog hasn’t died yet. . . .  . . But life at work? It can’t be beat. 

Friday, July 31, 2015

Pie and Beer.

A co-worker (From Portland) asked me if ‘Pie and Beer” offends the Utah natives. 
I told him that you can’t get more Utah then me, and I love Pie and Beer Day.

I also told him that Mormons get offended by everything. 
(They pretend not to, but they do, even now as some of you Mormons read this you will think “I am offended that she would say that I get offended! And isn’t she one of us? Why is she saying that if she is one of us?!”) 

Yeah, I’m Mormon, but I’m not like a regular Mormon, I’m a cool Mormon.  (Mean Girls quote)

Pie and Beer. . . This year Andie is in Alaska, Max is traveling islands, Whitney is blissfully married so that just leaves Sam and I. 
Two kids yet somehow we have a Packed Full house, running out of chairs. 
No one knocks, some of them flop on the couch and take naps, and all of them eat like crazy. 

And there is so many reasons I love this. 
I love how many people have grown to be comfortable at our house. My mom started this “Bonus Son” thing a while ago, because some of the boys really do feel like my brothers, and she claims some of the guys as her own, but it is almost comical because there are quite a few boys now who make the list. (Never has a girl make the list. . . . Interesting) 
I love that my Mom doesn’t cook. We had pies galore and my Mother always makes sure the display is beautiful, the table cloths are just right, the plates are vintage and cake stands are being displayed. Then she buys glorious store bought cakes, then instead of worrying about the kitchen she sits and we all laugh and talk on the deck. 
Did she forget the drink with the Pie, and your mouth is feeling dry? Get up and get your own glass of milk, you know where it is!
I think at one point RaVoe was chanting her high school fight song on the deck, like an annoying teenager and I like her being a part of everything.
And I love the deck, I don’t really have to expand on that, it is a perfect place to be in the summer.

We did pioneer trivia learned that the only like 5% of the pioneer used handcarts and that “Trek” is a scam! We learned that they left to start their journey at around 8:00am, and they couldn’t take some paths because they were crowded with too much gold. Right?? Right. 

But my favorite thing about the Highland house recently is The Stump Game. It is an Alaskan Drinking game. 

You stand around the stump, everyone has a nail standing in front of them. You take turns passing a hammer around, flipping the hammer in the air, if you get one flip you get one hit, three flips, three hits. And if you drop it you loose your turn. When you catch it you have to immediately take your hits on other players nails without readjusting your hand from the catch. Last nail standing wins. 

It is so stupid, and people get hurt, and I can’t get enough of it, it is so funny to me. 

I had video, I tried to upload it, but it was too big, or long or awesome and I wasn’t motivated enough to work with it. But Max is home from the Islands this week, so Sunday should be a good round of Stump, come by and see it first hand.