Thursday, January 20, 2011

Land of smiles

My last full day in Asia will be tomorrow.

Then I will get on a plane that takes me back in time, back to yesterday in Highland.
(well first to Malaysia, then to Taipei, I have an overnight stay in LA a layover in San Fran, then home. . but you get the idea)

It is exciting to me that I did it, I learned how to use a squatter toilet, I climbed all over the Angkor temples, I skinny dipped in the Thailand bay, rode on a motorcycle with 4 people at 3am on a dirt road, I traveled to another country alone, and stood in awe at the Loy Krathrong festival. (just to name a few)

When I left to come here I knew I would be able enough, and brave enough to take on Asia, protect my kid sister, and then travel alone. But now that it is coming to an end there is a feeling deep inside that is smiling and thinking "boo-yeah, see? I knew I could" almost as if I have conquered some doubt I had that I didn't know I had.

Thank you to all who donated, I was so blown away by the kindness that some people have. You made my adventure that much more incredible.

A part of me will always be here, and I'm not talking about all clothes I'm trowing away tomorrow. I have fallen in love South East Asia, the colors, the people, the food, and the little life lessons it has taught me.

I heard someone refer to this place as the "land of smiles" and I think that is a perfect way of putting it.

See you all soon.

Over exposed and underexposed. . . I like both.
I can't wait to see my hair dryer and straightner again. It has been too long.


Kylee said...

Dont throw away your clothes, burn them!

Sydnie said...

I can't WAIT to hear EVERYTHING!!!!! I'm so proud of you. I knew you could so it. See you soon!

Chelsea Lynn Irons said...

Can I pleaseeeeee be among the people that hear about this whole trip... I love hearing of other's adventures! Yes I am literally begging! I'm so glad that you were brave to take on a new continent. Travel safe.

Rhiannon said...

Well done! I never doubted you. I am happy you accomplished this goal I KNOW (without a shadow of a doubt) that I couldn't have done it. WELL DONE!

Julianne said...

Can't wait for a reunion with you when you come to Logan!!

Connie de said...

As a mother... I'm glad you went, but I'm glad you're coming home.

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