Saturday, October 2, 2010


I love when my hair goes a little extra crazy when I blow it dry, I love wearing big boots with skirts and doodling in my sketch book. 

But what thrills me to the bottom of my heart, more then all of that, is to be part of the group of thousands of crazy Mormons. They are so crazy! And I talked to the sister missionaries and they are crazy! 

And I'm so happy to be one of them, to be at temple square today was wonderful.

Conference is Wonderful, I didn't think I would ever appreciate it like I did when I was on my mission, but nope, it just seems to get better and better.

And the thought of all the priesthood together right now, it so amazing to me. I don't know who the lucky guy will be that gets to sweep me off my feet, and ride off into the sunset. But I bet I know right where he is right now, and it makes my heart smile. . . right at this moment he is just sitting there, learning how to make me happy. Maybe playing with his tie, or taking a few notes.(At lest he better be! right?)

He is so lucky, he has no idea what is in store for him. 


megan said...

That's a great way to think about it... I mean, we all think about "him," whoever he may be, but I like thinking of him being there tonight... :)

Connie de said...

I think I see him walking behind you in that picture...

McKayJoice said...

Shoot! I should have turned around and grabbed him!

Heather said...

Oh I just love this post! I love that your definition of the word "Crazy" is so different from the way everyone else uses it. And I loved the part about your future husband at priesthood. We went to Blue Lemon while everyone was at priesthood, and when it was over, a bunch of men with white shirts and ties filled the place... warmed my heart!

Emo said...

I love this post. I have never thought of my future husband that way. But that is SO cool to think about. What if my husband was sitting next to your husband? That would be cool. I love this post! You're GREAT!

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