Monday, December 5, 2016

Black Friday.

I did some solo black Friday shopping this year. I have gotten a bit addicted to the Home Depot Poinsettias and needed them for my apartment, it doesn't feel like christmas without them.

So I woke up super early, and put a coat and boots on over my pajamas and headed out. I was so surprised at the group that was there, americans and our insane traditions are nuts. NUTS. It was also comical to me that I was standing among these burly guys who are scoping out a new saw or a work bench and all I wanted were flowers.

A man stood up and reminded everyone to play nice, and that there were doughnuts. (No one cared about the doughnuts) I could see behind me there was an old co-worker that normally I would have loved to chat it up with. Today I ducked my face so I could focus.

The hour struck 6 and like sands in an hourglass we shuffled through this narrow opening and then spread into the store. I started to grab poinsettias and after filling my cart with the allotted 12 I started to switch them out to get the best ones. It was a lot less crazy then I had imagined.

Back to the car, and back to bed. Short and sweet.
Save your big screen TVs for the suckers, rich red flowers is all I want.

My place looks so festive. I'm so happy and it is crazy as to what a good deal it is, not only does it make me love my poinsettias but all the others I've gotten in the past. I'm so excited for Christmas.


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