Monday, November 21, 2016

Gotta get back into this. . .

I keep looking to excuses to take a business trip out to our other offices, and as this e-mail came in today I was thinking this may be a good excuse-

Dear, Seattle employee
I'll book my fight tonight and have the light changed out for you tomorrow.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Preston said I should just send them a YouTube on "how to change a light bulb"

My job, I love it so much. It feels like everything has shifted though, the vibe here is so different without Drew, I miss him dearly. Now Roby is gone, annoying Cartegena will be gone soon and I will miss his annoying face so bad.
Change. I hate it, I hate it and it is the only thing I can really count on now days.

Sigh. .

I never Blogged about Saloon.

What is happening to me?
Or rather, what is happening to Blogger? why won't it let me post more pictures? I don't want a new blog, I just want this one. . .Maybe I can learn to blog without pictures.

So what have I been up to since Saloon??
Oh boy.

I went to Europe. . . That was mild fun. Then camping. (I blogged about elsewhere and dream about combining the two blogs)

Yoga. . I did 12 classes last week and I feel like a million bucks. It is turning me into a hippie, I can feel it. Co-worker Jessica was the driving force for all of it, and as I started to commit myself she warned me in her hippie voice that "A lot of emotions would start coming out"
Riiiiiiiiight Jess, thanks, yeah yeah, I got this.
Well, there were multiple times where I got real emotional on the mat.
In a dark room that is heated to almost 100 degrees, stretching and thinking about being my best self, thinking about the people in my life present and past and I would just feel emotion, I sweat unbelievably, I've never sweated like that before. We hold a lot of stress and tension in our bodies. So to really stretch and pay attention to your body is amazing. And as much as I hate it, I might be getting on the Yoga train. I'll be making instagram videos soon enough, watch out.

What else? I tried to make pretzel balls and failed, but I have a strong desire to try again.

Whitney had a birthday, we all went bowling, it was awesome.

Andie had a birthday, and the family and friends all went to pizza without me because I didn't get Andie's Facebook invite (millennials are the worst)

Sam is dating my eye-lash girl, he owes me big time for that set up.

My season tickets for Hale Center ended with Sister Act, it had Drew and I on our feet dancing. I'm sad the plays are over, and I'm not in love with next year's lineup so I didn't buy tickets again.

Drew is a crazy man, doing crazy things with his life, and I'm glad I still fit into it. He got me out of bed this week to run around the old LDS Business college at night with a giant Elephant head, there really is no other human I'd want to be with.

Trump won. I joined my fellow Americans in a 2 hour line at trolly square by myself, I ate Pizza with strangers, and felt great about not voting for either party. Then I was kinda horrified to find that Trump won, yet a weird sort of happy that Hilliary lost. Just solely because feminists make me crazy and I love to watch them cry. What? should I have not said that? Sorry, I'm ok with a woman President, but her? HER? what a horrible example of a lady. #I'mwithhim  #butihatehimThe next night I could hear a Laminite army outside my window as the angry protesters marched downtown salt lake. I was too lazy to get out of bed, so I told Andie to turn on the news and live text me what was going on. "peaceful protest". . . "Kicking cars". . . "Stoping trax" I thought about putting on pants and running down with my own sign (I hate missing a good party) that read "Hillary is disappointed in you, she isn't mad, she is just disappointed"

Other news. . . the entire Orton Family is just in a weird buzz about this baby that will be added to the mix. It is starting to become a reality, Whitney is in her third trimester and we looked it up, if she had the baby right now it would have a 95% chance it would live. That is nuts. It is almost done cooking. Mike prefers she leave it in, we think that is a good idea, two-ish more months.

To prepare for the baby they got a cat, Hank. They wanted to see if Dozer would kill Hank, and he hasn't, the two of them are getting along just fine. So they feel good about letting Dozer around the baby. This is what they do with their time, those Dodges are so nuts.

My Faron Grandma had a fall. She is in the Price Hospital.
I geared up to go see her, I went alone and stopped by the Diamond Fork hot springs, I was just going to do a quick soak and get back on the road, but I ended up meeting some people from Texas and chatting it up for quite a while. They may come stay with me next time they are in town.
I also had brought dry clothes yet forgot them in my car, so when I got out of the water I just put on my jeans over my wet suit and hiked out.
(If blogger would let me post pictures I'd post one now of me in wet pants with a big plastic gallon jug of water that I hiked in, and a red leather vest I got at DI)
It was late and I debated going to Grandma's but I went, she was happy to see me, even when I smelled like sulfur and had to sit on a towel to talk to her.
Her wish for Christmas is that she will get to be home, I hope that happens for her. I need to visit her more.

I'm going to Blog about Saloon next, it was a good year.
It's not like me to get so far behind. Or to go privet, I'm sorry, I guess I just needed Yoga to clear things. I'll do better, with my blog, and with my life.


Anonymous said...

I'm seriously overjoyed that this is back online. I hate how obsessed I am with you and your eccentric life and hilarious point of view. I'm anonymous, but we both know you know.

Welcome back, reading this feels like coming home.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with Anonymous. The blog was private before I knew what to do and it has been a long dry spell without my McKay fix ... I've been following you since your Asia trip and you bring much joy to my life. Thank you for coming back. Please don't leave again.

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