Monday, November 28, 2016


Drew and I threw a little dinner for our friends. I used the catering points I've gained at work and we had it all catered with beautiful salads to make things light after the heavy holiday.

Drew thought we needed a bird, so he got a little rotisserie chicken to feed all 22 of us. So funny.

We played 'Go around the table and say something that someone else should be thankful for" game,  go around the table and "give two words that describe your Grandpa on your Mom's side" game
and go around the table and "say one thing you are ungrateful for"

"Jon should be grateful that anyone will be his friend"

There was dancing and Maria smeared dip on her face. It was the greatest group of weirdos, at one point Alex, who knew maybe 5 people there blurted out "We are all so weird, I love it" So true, it was such a great group.

The Holidays have been kicked off with a bang, and then we woke up to snow this morning? Shoot. So great.


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