Thursday, September 8, 2016

Miner's Day

Forget Labor day! What about Miner's Day?!

"The only day in Park City that is for the Park city locals" - quoted by a local. 

We took the bus to Main Street and hung out and waited for the balls to drop. Huh??

Every year before the parade thousands of balls are dropped down main street for the "Running of the Balls" a spoof on running of the Bulls. They even send people running down trying to outrun the balls. 
You can buy a ball for 5$ and if your ball wins you get prizes, all the money goes to charity, yadda yadda yadda. 
It's so dumb, the entire thing is comical, they set up a track that doesn't at all contain the balls (golf balls) bounce and fly everywhere. This year, I heard someone say, there was 8,000 balls. And everyone has their Park City posh dogs, and they are freaken out. Then there was a parade, with lame floats and then if you have a fancy car you can join in the parade, so at one point there was just a line of corvettes and BMW's and whatever, that seem to stretch the entire length of main, and no one knows who these people are driving the cars, just Park City people with money showing off there car.  

Then everyone gets up and follows the last float down the street to the park, you becoming the parade. 

I felt so honored to be part of the park city locals. Happy Miners Day!


solo roving said...

that sounds like a fun, community friendly day to me.

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