Thursday, September 22, 2016


I stepped out of the car in Denver and after we paid for parking we turned around and saw this:

That may just look like a stupid car that some drunken mess has decorated, but to me it was so much more, you see: I currently have 800 balls coming in the mail to fill up my car, (That’s another story) So to see this car kinda blew my mind. What are the odds?? How is this? What in the? Who is the ??? And that was it, the kickoff to my grand adventure in a state that I had never been to. 

I’m traveling to Europe at the first of October and classic McKay style, I don’t have a passport, I just have booked all the flights and hostels and figure it will all come together. So now, with only two weeks until my trip I had to go to Denver to take advantage of their same-day passport service. And until I had the passport in hand I didn’t actually believe that this was even possible. 

Drew took a vacation in Denver less then a month ago, he made way too many friends so he was excited to tag along. We didn’t know where we where doing to stay until right before we took off.
So we pulled up to this magic car at about 3:00 and had just an evening to explore this crazy city. 

First thing first we stopped by a dispensary. When in Rome! We had a few co-workers who asked us to bring back some souvenirs. And while I’ve been turned off to the stuff it was so hilarious and fascinating to see the inner workings of it all. First an ID check before you go back into the room where everything is displayed in glass cases, and not just the plant, they have everything! Gummies, cookies, chocolate, capsules! And we asked way too many questions and felt like little kids. 
I got suckered into buying some lotion. I didn’t know this was a thing! You rub it in and your mussels relax and you feel tingly in the area. I have yet to open it up, but for my shoulder that loves to knot up I think this could be real enthralling. 

So we bought a 1/4 of this and 1/8 of that, they put it in these plastic tubes for you, (Much like the container you kept your POGS in as a kid) and we were off, the smell was so strong, it seeped through the plastic pog container, and then through the brown paper bag, and then the additional plastic bag. 

We went to the train station, to a street with lots of flags that Drew thought was cool, Drew pointed out the football stadium and an art museum, and as we crossed the street to the baseball stadium a man yelled out to us “Do you want free tickets to the game?” We questioned what he wanted in return and when we found out he was trying to get rid of tickets we were in. We walked right up to the massive stadium. It didn’t remember that we were carrying a massive bag of goodies until the guy at the metal dector asked “Do you have any guns, alcohol or drugs?” My heart started racing that is ALL we have, I had a small purse and my phone and a massive bag of drugs. 
He picked up the bag, “What is in here?”
Me and my Utah 
“Rasinettes” Drew says
‘We are going to get busted’ is all I can think.
“Ok, have fun at the game” 

And we were free to grab our stuff and go. How did that happen? It smelled so strong and no one has a half gallon bag of rasienettes!
We were laughing so hard as we found our seats. Then we stood for the national anthem, we took in the sun and the green field, then Drew looked at me and said “you ready to go?”  “Yep!” and we stood up and walked out.
In the ball park for a total of maybe 5 minutes. 

We hit the street again to find that we were right in front of a restaurant where Keanu (a server from my old Macaroni Grill days) works. So we walked in to see if we could find him, he was working, we timed it perfect that he was just getting off his shift and could sit and eat with us, and he took care of the entire thing, free dinner! Hot Damn! Keanu then told us that that just around the block there was an ally way where street artist were in the process of re-painting all the murals. So Keanu went home to feed his dogs and Drew and I took off down an ally way to check out the paintings.

We were very impressed, and I’m sure looked like idiots watching them all paint and asking stupid questions. 

The street emptied out right next to a church, that was just getting out, so Drew and I walked in, with our bag of goodies to gaze at this weird old church. 

By this time Drew has started to develop blisters on my feet so he took off his shoes to walk around, and we made our way to the capital, to step on the step that is exactly one mile from sea level. Drew stepped up proudly with his nasty blistered feet. 

It was a full day, that happened in less then three hours. 

Then it was out to meet Gregory. 

I don’t even know what to say about this Man, but I know my life is forever a little bit different because of him. 
We drove up, parked, knocked on the door and a high-piched voice came screaming down from the second floor. “It’s open!”
We walk in and down the stairs come this man who is 5’ 4’’?? 5’5’’? Half Japanese, half fabulous with long flowing hair, cheata print shoes, moon rings and what appeared to be a big black cape. 
Following him down the stairs was a coccerspanel who would smile on que. 

I wish I could remember what he yelled at us, all I remember was thinking he was out of his mind, and that the dog was scary. But somehow I wanted more, I needed to find out more about this man. 

Hugs and introductions, then we loaded up in the car to hit the town. Dinner at ________ I forget the name right now. . . It is a big open place with lots of little food vendors, you buy your meal then take it to the roof to eat among the twinkly lights and be overwhelmed by the view of the Denver skyline. 

The food was great, Drew kept telling people his name was Kevin, and I was inclined to go my Trisha, two of the worst names in America. But when you are with Drew and Gregory you feel like you are floating and everyone loves you. 

 (would not hold still for a picture)

Sitting down next to us was Sarah from the Bachelor and I was alone in being starstruck, Gregory offered her a piece of gum and it united our two groups for a brief while. 

Then it was to the bar. When you are gay and fabulous drinking is what you do, so it was into the down town to a bar that had grass on the rooftop, and I sat by watching people get more drunk and more entertaining. More friends, talks about brides and supper bowl rings and then we went home. 

It was a full day that I only have scratched the surface with here. 

-Where da hells my phone?
-Freeway merging
-Pizza bets
-whipping cigarettes out of people’s hand

Then to bed, we all piled into Gregery’s bed before he made me a bed of fur on the floor, it was the best night’s sleep and it was on the floor, all of Gregory’s lush blankets were divine.  

The next morning it was to the passport office, breakfast, the cathedral, the unsinkable Molly Brown's house, then back to the passport office then home. 
(I'll add more pictures later today, if you care)

While we came put pf breakfast down town there was a man that appeared to be older black homeless standing on the street corner, he looked like he was approaching so I prepared my "Sorry! I don't have any money." Talk in my head but then he said "Can ya help a blind man find the Mission home? 
Oh. What? yeah!
Drew jumped in, walking up next to him and putting his hand on his shoulder (Drew is the nicest) "The mission home is just kiddy corner from where we are" (He is pointing and that make me laugh) "If you cross the street then cross again you will be there. . . and the light is green right now so you can go"
He smiled and said "Thank you! Thank you!" And with his walking stick out in front of him he stepped off the curb, then slowly stared to gear left like his entire body was tilted at an angle and he couldn't help but walk left. Heading right into the heart of traffic. 
Drew and I stood speechless watching in horror hoping he wouldn't get hit. "Should I go after him??" Drew asked me in a panic. By this point he was dead center in the intersection and there was a van that was giving him a soft polite honk as if to say 'you are going the wrong way'
Drew ran out and walked him to the corner, now standing in front of the mission home. Drew said to him "Ok, it is just right here in front of you" and he responded with "Ok, tell me when I can cross." "No, don't go in the road again, you are here, it is right here"

Drew ran back to me, and we laugh liked little girls about how insane it all was, we almost killed a man, sending him into traffic. Then that laughter turned slowly into sadness, thinking about this man's life. I'm worried about getting a passport for a fabulous trip in Europe and he is worried about crossing the street. wow.

Being with Drew is magic, I love him so much. I think it is our outgoing, happy, naive outlook on life that draws situations and people to us. Some days I wish I could live a life out with drew. Would be explosive, we would be the old crazy couple that puts on all the ward roadshows, and gets a little too into decorating the house for holidays. 


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