Wednesday, September 7, 2016


I go through these phases of furry when I find out women are living off a lifestyle blog. Living to advertise themselves.

And they are all adorable. I'm not going to argue that.

I'm currently planning a trip to Europe and my mother sends me over a picture of Taza who was recently in china tara with a message "are you going here?!?!"

Even my mother is keeping tabs on her, and will periodically buy stuff she sees them wearing.

"It is not real life McKay" A co-worker reassured me the following day. She knows Taza quite well from a time they lived in New York. "She gets paid to travel, it is not real, she has to take six full suitcases with her" And even though I know this, I was not looking for reassurance, it was nice to be reassured.

It is impossible to travel with beautiful floral dresses and perfectly pressed felt hats. I have a meeting with two coworkers next week about how to pack down to one backpack for two weeks in Europe, they both have faith I can do it.  "You wear a lot of the same clothes over and over"
Taza would never. . . . But then again, it is not real.

Living in New York, three kids and she makes enough taking about how she is cutting new bangs and her food selection that her husband quit his job and that is all they do.
So I sit and stir, thinking about how weird their life must be.

I went down to the marketing department today to find that our Social Media "expert" has now invested in a selfie stick and is twirling around in his desk talking to his phone that is suspended 5 feet above him. He talks about authenticity so much and I always just have to laugh and smirk at these people are never actually in the moment.

I would love to be a fly on the wall as Taza travels, I wonder if the camera gets more attention then the kids. I wonder if editing the pictures is the only time she is really enjoying the scenery.

And it is all worth it?

I know a part of my distaste is that I think I could do a better job then them all.
I read this week one of these bloggers tell all about their "Gender Neutral" Nursery Reveal that they were decorating. It looked just like Target and Ikea. Nothing special. And she is getting paid to do it.

These two make me want to set myself on fire. Their wedding was even highlighted in People Magazine because they have such a huge following.

If you can make it though watching one, JUST ONE of their videos I'll give you 5 bucks.

This one is when the lil zit-face idiot proposed (fast forward to about 1:40) . . .  the pathetic display of tea lights, the ugly pasta dinner. They are so dumb.

Or here is a post to make clutter your home with cheap fall crap. . . .

Or if you really in a mood to be bothered then turn this one on, it is 16 min of her rambling. Just watch the first 30 seconds, and then imagine what 16 minutes of it would sound like.

And because of these terrible movies, they have built their own house off the money they are making.
Does this make anyone else crazy?

I think about my new little adorable car, the cute apartment I live in, I think about my little bees and about how I own sixteen chandeliers, and I get crazy because I know I could do it better. I know I'm living the life you are blogging about.
I don't know if I am the smart one for not quoting my job and carrying around a selfie stick or if I am a fool for not taking advantage.

Just thoughts.

Either way, A part of me wants to retire this blog. Start a new one, maybe attempt to spell things correctly and start a new chapter. For whatever reason that just feels right. We'll see if that happens.


Hayley said...

It's so funny that you linked that freaking couple. I just stumbled across their videos on youtube and insta and I was so confused that I kept clicking on other videos because I was sure I was "missing something". I have clicked through more videos than I'd like to admit, and I am more confused than ever. I feel the same way. I get so riled up thinking about these bloggers get paid to travel and live such "beautiful" lives.

McKayJoice said...

Yes! I thought I was missing something for so long! But you keep looking and nothing is there!
Confused, and angry.

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