Sunday, March 3, 2013

The first day of summer.
I can't believe summer is already here, It's only March 2nd! The Gods are smiling on us.
I looks like we are in for a solid 7 months of Summer this year.  
Or maybe it was driving with the top down, summer tunes, sunglasses, beverages, cookies, bike locks, DI, parents and pigs, Lumpy's and curbside Denny's that just blind us from the snow covered mountains, the snow piles along the side of the road, and the fact that our outside ear would get cold from the wind.
It was the first Saturday in maybe five months that I didn't have to work, I don't think I looked to see what time it was all day, it just didn't matter. 


Aaron said...

Out of every blog post you've ever written- this is by far my very favorite.

Jenna Squires said...

I called Mac Grill yesterday to see if you were working because we wanted to come in and experience you, and a night of romance. But they said you weren't, so I said I'd wait until you were. Maybe that's a good thing, or bad thing I do not know. But a summery ride, with good music, top down, with that ^ (upward facing arrow) guy, is perfect. It's going to be an amazing summer.

McKayJoice said...

Aaron- not surprised, #youloveyourself
Jenna- you need to come see me! I wish I had more of a set schedule to let you know when, I haven't seen you for a while!

Anonymous said...

OMG who is that CUTE boy!!!? New love interest? Tell us more!

McKayJoice said...

Hold your horses ANONYMOUS, he is just a friend.

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